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Microsoft 365 for education is changing in 2024

14 November 2023

Microsoft has announced the retirement of the Office 365 A1 Plus program for education from 1st August 2024 and are set to remove the free unlimited storage feature. read more

Cyber security awareness training courses for the UK 

30 October 2023

Security awareness training helps your employees understand how to reduce the risk of cyber security incidents. This is usually achieved with an online training platform that delivers video content, although can also be delivered in-person. read more

Free NCSC cyber security training for school staff

5 October 2023

As recommended in the DfE's Cyber Security Standards, staff who access your IT network must take basic cyber security training every year. read more

Practical methods to reduce your spear phishing risk

19 September 2023

Spear phishing is a method where specific people in your organisation are targeted, in order to extract payments or gain access to systems. Using a spear phishing attack, a criminal will intend to gain access to your online accounts and company data to commit identity theft, fraud and other crimes.  read more

5 steps to protect against spam and phishing

7 September 2023

In this article we’ll explore the multi-layered approach to protecting your organisation against phishing and spam emails. Cybercriminals target weaknesses in organisations, with the human element providing a significant weak point that can be exploited. read more

What to do if Google reviews are missing from your business profile

22 August 2023

This article is aimed at any business that needs assistance to fix the issue of missing reviews from their Google Business Profile. Follow our step-by-step guide to request the manual approval of missing Google reviews. read more

Training school staff and governors to prevent cyber attacks

7 August 2023

Human error is the most common cause of security breaches, with research showing that a range of between 52% and 85% of data breaches were caused by human error. read more

Backup internet connections are essential

20 July 2023

Internet downtime should be analysed as part of your business continuity planning. If you decide that you can only afford a limited amount of downtime (or as close to zero downtime as possible), then you should already have a backup internet connection.  read more

Understanding mobile internet connectivity

18 July 2023

In this post, we’ll look at the options for mobile connectivity, which in some circumstances can be used as a primary internet connection. Mobile 4G and 5G connectivity can also be used as a backup connection for your primary cabled infrastructure. read more

What’s the best broadband connection for your organisation? 

13 June 2023

We outline the different connection types and speeds; including ADSL, FTTC, FTTP & Leased Lines, along with our recommendations for your organisation. read more

Why you should develop a technology strategy

1 June 2023

Strategic IT planning starts with the process of documenting how technology is used at each level of the organisation and its role in the functioning of each department. read more

Using conditional access for improved cyber security

17 May 2023

Conditional access is a method of controlling access to data or services for your organisation’s users and accounts. Conditional access policies are implemented to ensure checks are carried out before access is granted. read more

How is your password health?

26 April 2023

Password health refers to the overall strength and security of your passwords. Good password health means that your passwords are strong, unique and hard to guess, reducing the risk of unauthorised access to your accounts read more

Free cyber action plans for small organisations

10 April 2023

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched a new initiative to help improve the cyber security of small organisations. The initiative helps publicise the need for improved cyber security across all business sectors. read more

Should you have immutable backups?

29 March 2023

As part of world backup day on 31st March 2023, we’re taking a look at immutable backups. These can differ in definition from “off-site backups” and “remote backups” because immutable backups ensure your data remains recoverable even in the face of a worst-case scenario. read more

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