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We will develop and implement your migration strategy, making the transition to cloud services a controlled, step-by-step process.

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We work with organisations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. Whether you have an existing IT team looking to outsource or need help migrating to the cloud, we provide a range of cloud migration services including:

  • Development of a cloud migration strategy that meets your current and future business needs
  • Implementation of your migration roadmap with training and ongoing management
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud services depending on your requirements for access, security and budget
  • Impartial advice as a partner with flagship cloud service providers such as Microsoft and Google

Benefits of cloud services

For organisations that undertake a cloud migration, there are benefits ranging from increased flexibility and agility, to the long-term reduction in total cost of ownership compared with the traditional model of purchasing and managing technology services. Benefits of migrating to the cloud include:

  • Increased agility and flexibility
  • Reduction in costs of hardware and maintenance
  • Clear budgeting of ongoing costs
  • Solutions that are easier to scale as your organisation grows
  • Simplified access for local and remote teams
  • Integration across multiple cloud services to increase customer expectations
  • Security benefits with integrated encryption, recovery and backup solutions

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We’re the trusted IT partner to organisations working across a wide range of sectors, ranging from small business to enterprise and public sector environments.

  • It has been a pleasure working with Primary Technology, supporting us through the implementation and beyond. The migration of data to Share Point has enabled our team to work more collaboratively and has supported remote working, putting our information in the cloud so it’s accessible and easy to manage.

    Finance Director, Real Estate Client

Developing your cloud migration strategy

A cloud migration strategy is essential when you are considering moving your data to the cloud. Moving from physical servers and local storage to cloud services and cloud storage, requires complex end-to-end planning, often involving the management of technology, data, processes and staff.

Audit your existing technology

The first step of your cloud migration should be a pre-migration analysis. This will ensure you can develop a cloud migration strategy that considers the impact across your organisation and helps to determine the use case the cloud will serve. You should assess your physical server hardware, network infrastructure, applications and data that you use, to understand whether your current technology is compatible with a cloud migration.

Is a full cloud migration feasible?

Following a pre-migration audit, you should have an understanding of whether your current technology is compatible with a cloud migration and should have identified any tools you’ll need during the migration. In some situations, a full cloud migration may not be appropriate or feasible - you may have legacy applications that are not suitable for cloud storage, or you may work with large files that are not cost-effective (or efficient) to be stored in the cloud.

Cloud service deployment models

There are three main deployment options for hosting your data and services in the cloud. You can use public clouds such as a Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, private clouds where your services run in your own secure data centre, or a hybrid cloud which is a mixture of both.

Perform a cost-benefit analysis

A cost-benefit analysis should consider the migrations costs and expected new operational costs alongside future benefits and reduced capital expenditure. The efficiency savings and improvements across your organisation should also be considered. Depending on the cloud migration path chosen, it can be difficult to accurately predict ongoing costs, as they are often linked to network, power, application and bandwidth usage.

Create a cloud migration roadmap

Your cloud migration roadmap will provide an overview of each facet of the migration, including technical aspects, internal procedures, policy changes and cyber security impact in relation to data security and business continuity. The interdependencies across different teams involved in the process will also need considering, along with the impact on internal teams and the wider stakeholders.

Cloud migration project planning

Following the development of a roadmap, each element of the cloud migration will be split into smaller projects. This allows technical teams and project management teams to work together to produce project plans that can be reviewed and agreed before being implemented. Each element of the migration should be reduced to small projects that can be tested in the new environment before progressing.

Cloud migration roadmap

With a cloud migration project plan in place, you’re ready to begin the migration, focusing on minimal disruption to normal operations. The timescale for implementation will depend on the complexity of your plan, chosen deployment model and the resources available.

How we can help

We work with organisations to produce strategic plans to incorporate cloud migrations. Depending on your internal team, we can provide a range of services at each level, from oversight and guidance to implement and testing phases. For help with your cloud migration, please contact one of our team

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