Backing up your Microsoft 365 data with a Synology NAS

28 May 2024

What is a NAS? 

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device provides a central location on a network to store data. Capable of storing large amounts of data, a NAS can be designed to fit your organisation’s needs. 

Why do you need to backup 365 data? 

Although Microsoft 365 offer a certain level of in-built data protection, this doesn’t guarantee complete data security and recovery. Data stored on Microsoft 365 can be at risk through malicious intent or accidental deletion. According to a study conducted by Synology, 44% of respondents believe that Microsoft is partially responsible for recovering maliciously deleted data, but this isn’t the case. Microsoft state in their Shared Responsibility Model that organisations are responsible for safeguarding and protecting their data stored on Microsoft 365, which could be at risk of ransomware, user error and cyber-attack. 

Why backup with Synology NAS? 

Synology offer Active Backup for Microsoft 365, which is a centrally managed, free, add-on package available with the purchase of most Synology NAS devices to offer organisations a secure, on-premises backup solution. It is licence-free and unlimited in terms of data volume and accounts, providing your NAS storage allows for it. With no licensing needed, you can run unlimited backups at no extra cost, with flexible file versioning and the ability to restore whenever required. Deployment is quick, backups can be performed when convenient with no business disruption and furthermore, storage space usage and bandwidth use is optimised with single instancing and block-level deduplication. 

A Synology NAS is a scalable solution for organisations of all sizes. There are a wide range of models and expansion units available, meaning a charity, business, school or large enterprise can find a solution to meet their data storage requirements. The backup application gives you complete control and ownership over the way you manage data without incurring costly recurring fees. Custom data retention policies can be put in place that ensure your data is retained for a certain period of time, to meet both internal and external compliance requirements. 

What can you backup with Synology NAS? 

Your organisation’s Microsoft 365 data can be centrally backed-up, including OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Teams. With Active Backup for Microsoft 365, users can back up Microsoft Teams data such as channel posts, Teams sites and settings as well as all content stored in SharePoint. Recovery is granular and can be segregated to certain files, folders, emails, mailboxes or SharePoint sites to maintain business continuity. Active Backup supports Microsoft 365 Business, Enterprise, Education, as well as Exchange Online plans. 

Does a NAS meet the 3-2-1 backup rule? 

A NAS device can be used as part of your backup strategy and while every organisation is different, a NAS can be used to meet the 3-2-1 backup rule by replicating data to an off-site location or by using a cloud storage provider. 

Do Synology NAS devices support immutable backups? 

Synology NAS boxes do support immutable backups with Write Once, Read Many data storage technology. This allows data to be written to a storage device once and prevents it being wiped or changed.

How can we help? 

As a Synology partner, we can offer expert advice on the right NAS for your organisation and offer advice and guidance on the backup strategy for your organisation. Contact us with your requirements if you’d like a no-obligation quote or to chat with one of our team. 

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