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Outsourced IT Services

School leaders often increase their investment in IT support and staffing, in order to meet the higher demands of growing schools through pupil numbers, staff requirements or facility expansions.

With schools’ budgets being tight, it’s important to find a way to keep IT support running at a high level while controlling the costs of doing so. Faced with the choice of hiring additional technical staff, it’s more than just salaries that should be considered. Schools have the responsibility of coping with staff absence, holiday rotas, national insurance, management time, on-going training as well as the additional cost of recruitment to replace team members that depart.

Outsourcing IT services to a provider that bears all of these overheads is often a more cost-effective solution. Primary Technology are regularly contacted by secondary schools and HE/FE establishments seeking help with their IT support and development. We offer help in a variety of ways, either complementing an existing IT support team with helpdesk support and consultancy or providing Network Manager level onsite support.

The benefits of outsourcing IT services include;

The increasing complexity of school technology means that it’s simply not possible for an in-house team to have the required knowledge and expertise in all areas. Outsourcing IT services provides your school with a team of specialists in a range of fields – networking, software, security, safeguarding and more – to call on, so that issues can be quickly dealt with, no matter what arises.

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