Cyber security awareness training courses for the UK

30 October 2023

In our recent post about 10 cyber security tips, the top tip was to deliver regular cyber security awareness training for staff, on the basis that the weakest link for cyber security is often human error. We highly recommend all organisations provide dedicated training to all staff, with benefits extending beyond your organisation to improve the cyber health of your team in their personal lives. 

What is security awareness training? 

Security awareness training helps your employees understand how to reduce the risk of cyber security incidents. This is usually achieved with an online training platform that delivers video content, although can also be delivered in-person. 

Phishing simulation tests 

Most cyber security training packages include phishing testing or phishing simulation. This involves sending simulated spam emails to help staff recognise and report the threats. 

If anyone clicks on one of the simulated phishing emails, they are provided with details of their error and how to spot the signs of phishing in the future. 

The outcome of phishing tests can be automatically monitored to provide insights into where further training is required. 

Which cyber security topics are discussed in training? 

Training will cover a variety of risks both online and in the physical world, on a variety of devices. These include: 

  • Email clients  
  • Cloud services 
  • Web browsers 
  • Mobile phones 
  • Social engineering 
  • Impersonation of key staff 
  • Impersonation of your customers or suppliers  
  • Password security and password hygiene 
  • Compliance with data protection or industry regulations

Free training for education establishments 

If you’re a college, school or MAT, please see our post regarding Training for school staff and governors to prevent cyber attacks where you can find details of the free training available to education establishments. 

Best-value for UK organisations 

We have partnered with a specialist provider of cyber security training and phishing simulation. Based in the UK, their training content and phishing simulation tests are designed for organisations that want to educate their teams to improve their cyber health. 

How we can help 

As a partner with a trusted training provider in the UK, you can get in touch to find out more about the costs and benefits associated with cyber awareness training. Contact us for more details. 

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