Julia Skinner



The team at Primary Blogger have been so supportive to the Word Challenges. Both 100 Word Challenge and 5 Sentence Challenge have undergone a revamp thanks to the excellent service of Primary Blogger. They are very responsive to any queries and will go over and above the usual host role. They are very knowledgeable about the mechanics of blogging and are always there to offer advice and suggestions. I have now moved my other blogs to Primary Blogger using the ‘School Blogs’ name. For new bloggers, Primary Blogger is ideal as it uses Wordpress and provides all the widgets and plugins you may need. If it isn’t in the list – just ask for it! With a project the size of 100 Word Challenge, I have to be confident that it will move smoothly and any glitches will be fixed quickly. I cannot recommend Primary Blogger more highly for blogs both big and small.

Brackenhill Primary School

Helen Metcalf

Head Teacher


Both I and the governors are delighted with the proactive approach Primary Technology has taken in response to feedback from the school. This has not just been lip service but has demonstrated a serious commitment to the school and the relationship between the school and Primary Technology. I am also delighted with the immediate impact Chris has had in a very short period of time and feel he is very proactive, approachable and I feel well informed.


Emma Espley



A few months ago, blogging was rather alien to me. Nevertheless, I am now totally hooked! I have established my own PrimaryBlogger blog, entitled ‘My recent ventures’, to provide examples of recent authoring and consultancy work that I have done and linked this to my website, www.create2inspire.com. PrimaryBlogger’s online support is fantastic, they have no end of patience and always respond promptly to my tireless questions, however simple they might seem. I am now delivering CPD workshops to Headteachers, Subject Leaders, teachers and NQTs, showcasing ‘creative blogging opportunities in the primary classroom’, as well as helping them create their own school’s/class’ blog. I have even run workshops for Key Stage 2 pupils, linking online safety and blogging. The feedback from all staff and pupils involved has been so positive. Whilst such workshops require a significant amount of preparation and the responsibility to do ‘a good job’ is huge, they are immensely rewarding. With a spot of creative thinking, the opportunities really are endless!

Heaton Primary School

Gareth Medd

Assistant Headteacher


Primary Technology have been a fantastic partner supporting our school's ICT needs. They have been reliable whenever they have worked in the school and they strive to give us good value. When we ask for advice and support they always go the extra mile. I have been very pleased with their work and I would happily recommend them.

High Crags Primary School

Christine Swale

Business Manager

High Crags

We have always found the team, led by Dally, to carry out a first class job in a very efficient manner and at a competitive price. They do ‘what is says on the tin’. Dally gets back to us when he says he will and has always completed work on time. They did a particularly creative job on our new multi media system in our main school hall – staff and children were delighted with the results!

Lapage Primary School & Nursery

Business Manager


Lapage reviewed their IT support provider in 2007 and decided to go with Primary Technology, having received a number of bad experiences during the previous year. The school has not looked back since; we are very pleased with Primary Technology and now feel that we have moved forward considerably in both having a reliable and efficient IT structure and in the confidence of our staff in their use of IT throughout school. Primary Technology has played a crucial role in the strategic ICT development in school and this is well on target to achieve all our aims. The support we receive for this is very good.

Low Moor Primary School

Sarah Horner

ICT Coordinator


Since we subscribed to Primary Technology's technical support we have received fantastic help and consultation on a weekly basis, with improvements that allow us to move ICT forward and plan for the future. The services are quality, good value and highly recommended!

Newby Primary School

Head Teacher


Primary Technology provides a complete primary school IT support package. They combine extensive up-to-date knowledge about cutting edge IT hardware with an awareness of what could be used to enhance pupil learning. The Newby Primary ICT curriculum has been greatly helped with the introduction of wireless networking throughout the school, which has greatly helped the teaching and learning of ICT.


Matthew Stoddard

Northern Business Development Manager


Primary Technology and Sahara Presentations have been working together for over seven years and the relationship has moved from strength to strength based on mutual trust and respect. It is clear to us that the knowledge and professionalism of the Primary team has kept them focused and dedicated to offering outstanding service whilst continuing to offer value for money. It is a pleasure to work with Primary Technology; not only do they embrace new technology and products from Sahara but they provide valuable feedback and insights so that we ourselves can also continue to improve.

Savile Park Primary School

Christine Roe



We are very impressed with all aspects of the services received from PT. Their extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and speed in providing and acting upon questions we’ve asked and issues that have arisen have been fantastic. Its nice to know we can get such quality personalised service and any problems resolved just by making a telephone call. PT are very quick to act and appreciate our present and future IT needs. They constantly tick all the boxes ie they are always available and act instantly in providing top quality service. What more could a customer want.

St Columba’s Primary School

Siobhan McCauley

ICT Coordinator

St Columba's

We changed over from our previous provider to Primary Technology in April 2008, there is no looking back. The level of services provided reminds me weekly that we have made the right choice. I look forward to developing our school facilities with our new found confidence in ICT.

St James’ Church Primary School

Head Teacher

St James' Church

We have received excellent support, strategic consultancy, development and creative ICT network solutions from Primary Technology for a number of years. Their engineers who are always on call to respond to any queries have transformed our school ICT development. Thank you.

St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School

Head Teacher

St Winifred's

We have worked alongside Primary Technology for a number of years and never cease to be surprised and delighted at the level of support and attention to detail provided. Whether helping with strategic planning, ICT policy or everyday computing issues, Primary Technology always provide excellent support and guidance.

Woodside Primary School

Deputy Head


We changed our technical support provider this year and have not looked back! The passion and commitment to ICT shown by staff at Primary Technology is great. They have helped increase staff confidence in ICT with network improvements that have ensured our ICT suite is always fully booked and fully functional!

Worth Valley Primary School

ICT Co-ordinator


We'd like to say a big thank you to the Primary Technology guys who have been in school during our OFSTED. Primary Technology's level of service and knowledge to date, not to mention their enthusiasm for the job, has left us all kicking ourselves that we put up with such poor IT support and service for so long. Please pass on our thanks.