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Who Are We?

Primary Technology ® are dedicated to ICT in Education. Established in 2004 focusing on providing high quality primary school ICT support, we quickly became a Naace accredited company and won awards for work in schools throughout Bradford. We ensure teaching and learning never suffers from technical issues, we are experts in the field of Primary School ICT and we provide a variety of learning resources and communication tools.

We Believe In...

Open Source

We actively support the open source community by releasing projects online and collaborating with non-profit organisations and schools. We are helping to enable a more transparent system that does not profiteer from education. All of our online learning resources for children run no advertisements; teachers have confidence to trust the content that we provide and this helps to bring new users to the sites. Read more about our open source efforts.

Free Information

We provide tens of thousands of web pages every day generating no direct revenue but providing important, otherwise unavailable services to ensure education can take place. Free doesn't pay the bills but it can make a big difference to a child's life.

Putting Education First, Second & Third

Being ahead of the curve is important in today's market place. We constantly deliver services months before competitors. We do not provide ICT support services to consumers or business, allowing us to focus all energies on providing new and improved services to education.


A Bit More About Us