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Wilsden Primary School win the Hand held learning award for a Primary Technology wireless and mobile solution. – August 2008

Monday 10th November | No comments yet

We are extremely pleased that one of our Flag ship schools for ICT has won this years nationwide hand held learning award for usage of mobile technology in Primary Schools. This award is extremely prestigious and much praise goes to the staff of the school. To see the schools entering bid click Here.
Wilsden Primary School subscribe to technical support, remote backup and Primary Email. Primary Technology also installed all of the infrastructure and wireless networking.
Primary Email has had the biggest impact on mobile learning. The school distributed EDA/PDA’s and UMPCs to the pupils who all had Primary Email accounts. This enabled the children to communicate well inside and outside of school with the teaching staff who also had Primary Email accounts.
Our personal gratitude goes to Sharon, Bob and Jackie who have been the

For more information on Wilsden Primary School visit http://www.wilsden.ngfl.ac.uk
For more information on Primary Email visit http://primaryemail.co.uk

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