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What you get going Server-less

Wednesday 3rd January | No comments yet

In a previous post we listed a number of reasons why there has been an increase of interest in server-less cloud technology. Operating a server-less environment isn’t a one size fits all solution but does offer many benefits, some of which we’ve listed below:

Heightened Security
Cloud servers have the best reputation for being highly secure and with your data no longer being on site, questions are often raised around security. The most reliable cloud providers encrypt your data in transit and while ‘at rest’ on the cloud servers, you’re even given the option to control your own encryption keys and set rules for who can access your data in case you’re concerned the provider may be snooping around your data. You can also ensure that it’s compliant with any of the current UK legislations.

Reduced Overheads
Investing in hardware, software and the maintenance adds up over time. Cloud computing costs do vary, but typically you only pay for the service you use and the storage you need. Operating and accessing services from the cloud also uses less electricity, as the hardware is utilised much better than in-house servers, equalling more efficient power use and lower overheads.

Resource Sharing
Operating server-less means staff are able to make use of the shared resources from any location and on any device. Lesson plans, important documents and images can be accessed from almost any device. Google (Cloud),  Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS) all offer reliable cloud based services as well as many smaller providers.

Is it really server-less?
Even if you migrate most of your files, data and services to the cloud, you will still need some form of server on-site to ensure your wireless network, internet connectivity and printers still function.  The cost of servers on-site will be reduced, but until you remove your internet service, for example using a 4G (or in the future, 5G) and printers, you will still be reliant on some form of server.

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