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Uploads from Classdroid are too big in wordpress

Wednesday 8th September | 1 comment

Image uploads sent from Classdroid are too large for the wordpress blog to display and it messes up formatting.


Classdroid uploads the best quality picture possible.  It is up to wordpress to ensure it doesn’t display it “too big”.


There is a bug in the max width settings in wordpress that is stopping custom images uploaded by classdroid to be displayed with the max-width variable.  You can set these settings under Admin -> Settings -> Media and set your maximums to something around the 500 mark.


a) Go into each post and manually resize each classdroid upload.


b)  Use a theme that doesn’t allow objects to spill over from one div to another


c) Modify your themes style.css adding:
to the .post{ section


d) Modify the settings on your android device to take the pictures at a smaller resolution. This will avoid large files being uploaded. To do this press the menu button when you have your camera application open, click settings and then adjust the resolution.

One response to “Uploads from Classdroid are too big in wordpress”

  1. Cheers for that John. I will be choosing a theme that will not allow this to happen. I’ll post a link to something soon!!!!

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