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Upgrades completed to the Primary School Google Search

Thursday 26th March | 1 comment

We have upgraded the Primary School Google Search:

It’s now easier for pupils to find learning materials.

It’s now easier for teachers to find teaching resources.

It’s now safer than ever to use as undesirable adds are filtered.

Of course its still free and always up and accessable from home aswell as school.

We plan to upgrade the Resource section over the Easter holiday. We are looking for people to help in this process, to help out please email hello@primaryt.co.uk, or comment on this blog with some suggested websites that are useful for teachers/pupils or administrators.

To get to the Primary School Google Search just browse to http://www.primaryt.co.uk/google

If you get have problems using the search facility please get in touch via email or post a comment to this blog.

Primary School Google Search is a service provided by Primary Technology.
Primary School Google Search is powered by Google Custom Search

One response to “Upgrades completed to the Primary School Google Search”

  1. John McLear says:

    Note: New feature available on the page – Click Here to make Primary School Google Search your home pageKept it small and clean so it doesn’t distract anyone..

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