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Thinking of going Server-less?

Monday 18th December | No comments yet

The term going server-less has been floating around for many years and isn’t as much of a new phenomenon as you may think. Cloud technology involves using a network of remote servers to host, manage and process data rather than a local server (so, not completely server-less).

So why the sudden increase in schools wanting to know more about going server-less?

One main reason is that cloud technology is becoming increasingly cheaper, easier to use and the companies that offer this technology now offer more services than ever before. Another reason is that the benefits of these platforms are becoming widely recognised by businesses.

In a whitepaper released by Cisco, the tech giant boldly predicts that by 2019, 86% of an organisations workload will be operated from the cloud. This is slowly catching on with schools too, as they’re increasingly being encouraged to move over to this platform with the DfE providing policy guidelines for schools looking to make this transition.

Read our blog about what’s on offer when you go server-less to find out more.

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