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Spam and Viruses in emails

Wednesday 4th September | No comments yet

Nobody really likes spam.  Although a few of the Primary T monkeys can be impartial to a Spam and egg sandwich but that’s a different problem altogether.  I am of course talking about those annoying emails that people don’t want usually trying to sell you something or extract personal details under false pretences.


It has been a hard time for our spam filters recently, they have been getting sent more and more spam and viruses by very clever hackers.  A lot of the messages recently were very short and had very little text which looked harmless enough on the surface but each had a zip file attached.  In the zip file was a small executable which if run could cause you any number of problems.  To combat this we sent out our system admins to upgrade and fortify our spam servers further.


After making some changes and a few refinements they have added additional virus checks, adjusted our existing spam checks to be more aggressive towards known spammers, and now reference more known virus databases.  All in all this should now stop 90% more SPAM and virus emails.


So if you’re fed up of receiving loads of spam and want to know how we can help or are looking for more information about School Email, our hosted email service, get in touch with us here.

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