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Some interesting stats

Monday 1st June | No comments yet

As of June the 1st here are some interesting stats.

Primary Email has handled 9,210,000 emails.
Primary Blogger has served over 40000 pages.
Primary School Safe Search has processed 9,855,000 pages.
Primary School Freebies has given out over 800 freebies.
Primaryt.co.uk has served 11,400,200 pages.
Primary Technology Technical support has resolved 520,400 technical issues in Primary Schools.
Remote Backup has backed up 11,400,000 files which amounts to 91,200,000 MB or 89,062 GB or 87 TB.
There are 21,102 computers stored in the hardware inventory at current.
Primary School Games Arena provides 1422 games.
Some slightly less interesting bits..
There are 4000 Primary Technology mouse matts in circulation.
There are 120 Pink Laptop bags in circulation.

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