We host your email accounts on our customised Microsoft™ Exchange 2013 servers and integrate with your Management Information System to automate account management. The service will continue to evolve with feedback from existing customers and already boasts a number of unique features for schools.

Our online control panel allows you to manage the service from any PC:

  • Create distribution lists of email addresses e.g. Parents, Governers
  • Add a custom disclaimer to all emails sent
  • Customise the Whitelist / Blacklist Spam settings
  • Create unlimited aliases for all users e.g. ICT@school.gfl.ac.uk
  • Allow or Deny access to emails from the outside world
  • Create a manual or temporary user
  • Reset one password or bulk reset all passwords


Fully Compatible:

  • Webmail (OWA) School Email has a webmail client that is accessible anywhere
  • Outlook: Connect with Outlook 2007+
  • Inbox Size: 500Mb per user
  • File Attachments: Maximum 20Mb attachments per email
  • Username: firstname.surname, initial.surname or mr/mrs/miss.surname
  • Mobile: Connect with any activsync enabled mobile (iPhone 5, Windows SmartPhone, Android & more)
  • Interface: Interact with right-click and drag & drop functionality, easily sort and search your inbox
  • Spam Protection: Spam Assassin with Postfix and customised unix-based filtering
  • Themes: Multiple themes for KS1, KS2 and Staff users

To get a tailored quote for your school or to take advantage of our free consultancy please don’t hesitate to get in touch.