Our remote access service allows schools to securely and easily access information in-school remotely. Steering away from the typical one user – one licence scenario that has plagued schools for years, we have decided to do things differently and base our remote access on concurrent users.

The base version starts with 5 concurrent users without restrictions on usernames and passwords. If the 5 licences are in use, the last user will be notified there are no more spaces available and placed in a queue.

There are no limits to user licences so if you feel 10 concurrent users is best suited to your school, this can be easily upgraded. Users are then free to access Admin Servers, Curriculum Servers and even SIMS or whatever MIS system your school currently uses.

Users can only see information in-school that is relevant to their active directory permissions so no need to worry about someone accessing confidential information.


Key Benefits

  • Access network and teaching resources from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Get real time access to SIMS or your school MIS from home
  • Teachers can use planning software as well as Office & Smart technology remotely
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Individual Usernames and Passwords
  • 5 concurrent user licenses for staff
  • No additional 3rd party license fees
  • Minimal installation and setup required

What is included?

  • Account creation and setup
  • Remote training if required
  • Physical box onsite
  • 256 bit industry standard encryption
  • Two step authentication to keep your network secure
  • 5 concurrent user licenses
  • Backed by a 99% uptime SLA
  • Swap out hardware warranty
  • Email support

To get a tailored quote for your school or to take advantage of our free consultancy please don’t hesitate to get in touch.