A Little Bit of History

The Web Services department are responsible for creating the well-known educational tools and services we supply to schools. What started off as being an ad hoc additional service for the schools we support, has now become a dedicated team supplying a whole suite of products. From our free creations through to bespoke designed websites and cloud storage, the Web Services team continues to provide an excellent service to schools all over the country.

School Websites

One of the fastest growing areas of the Web Services department are our school website solutions. Packed with engagement features and with an every package tailored to a schools requirements this really is the complete service. Branding, prospectus and interactive videos are also becoming a standard feature of most of our new sites all designed from scratch by our talented team of designers here in the Primary Technology office.

Remote Access

Whilst we don’t condone working after hours, in some cases getting hold of important information in school is a necessity. Whether it be on the move or even a snow day, our remote access solution allows users to access information when it matters. Access your Admin and Curriculum servers or even SIMS and FMS data from home or even the other side of school.

Remote Backup

Disaster recovery plans are not unknown in the education sector and with the price of offsite storage cheaper than it has ever been, this safer alternative to backing up locally is a must. You schedule backups to run every night making sure that if in the event of a fire or any damage to your assets or property, your data can be restored anytime from anywhere.

School Email

We host your email accounts on our customised Microsoft™ Exchange 2013 servers and integrate with your Management Information System to automate account management. The service will continue to evolve with feedback from existing customers and already boasts a number of unique features for schools. This powerful email service is used by schools throughout the UK and the world.


With a long list of free educational tools, our most popular has to be PrimaryBlogger which hosts some award winning blogs and is on the UK’s largest free blogging sites. Where possible we will always pack our creations with safety features making them accessible to all ages. We will continue to add new resources over time based on the feedback from our expanding customer base.

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