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Primary Technology Ltd

IT Managed Service Provision

Our Managed Service Provision is designed for secondary schools and Multi-Academy Trusts that have a variety of needs.  It extends beyond a traditional issue and resolution service, allowing us to act as an intelligent ICT partner. This means that we will advise on all aspects of ICT within your network, working to ensure that the ICT infrastructure meets School and Trust expectations, and that these expectations reflect beneficial developments in the wider ICT and educational arenas.

Strategic ICT Guidance

We work with Academy Trusts and Secondary Schools to set a clear ambition and establish a direction for transformation and change, reflecting the rapidly changing financial and technological landscape.

By consulting, recognising and understanding users’ needs, our ICT strategic guidance will be shaped deliver increasingly centralised services, covering the following areas:

Our ICT strategic guidance is completely bespoke allowing users to choose the stage and level of involvement needed in-line with requirements. Academy Trusts and schools can opt for a fully managed service provision or strategic guidance focused on a specific transformation area.

Network Manager

The Managed IT Service can include a dedicated outsourced Network Manager for MATs and Secondary Schools who will oversee all works and offer strategic technical oversight to senior management, internal and external ICT staff.

Service Desk

Our Service Desk complements the on-site technicians and network manager to provide additional support, enabling end-users to log ICT issues. We prioritise our workload to ensure that service performance is maintained to a high level, with service provision covering all the technology in school, from servers, infrastructure and Internet provision, to printers, end-user devices and classroom technology.

The service desk includes technicians at level 1, 2 and 3.  This allows simple queries to be solved immediately and more complex issues to be logged, escalated and resolved efficiently.

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