Remote ICT Support

Introduced in 2014, Remote Support is one of the newest additions to our portfolio of services. Remote Support was designed for schools who have the hands-on support already, but don’t always have the complete technical know how to resolve certain issues.

This support package offers a full help-desk that can be called upon by designated contacts within school. Using a “remote connection” and with your permission we can take over any machine, be it a workstation or server and fix the problem for you.

Vital support can be provided without one of our highly trained engineers having to physically be by your side. The package works in block hours that are bought into either on a Pay as You Go basis or annual contract and includes a termly health check performed on-site by one of our engineers.

The purpose of the health check is to ensure that the level of ICT in school is running at a high standard, should repetitive issues arise these can also be narrowed down to specific hardware that may be aging. We will also consult freely with you about any replacement hardware required and with direct links to manufacturers we are always happy to source the relevant replacements.

What Makes This Special?

Whether you can’t fix a problem or don’t know why something isn’t working, you have the confidence and peace of mind knowing you are backed up by a team of highly trained engineers only a phone call away.

In a similar way to how our Junior Support works, we are more than happy to aid the learning and development of a schools hands on staff member. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, our engineers will talk you through how to apply any changes and what steps to take in order to troubleshoot/fix any future problems when possible.

To get a tailored quote for your school or to take advantage of our free consultancy please don’t hesitate to get in touch.