Having worked with schools all over the country on various projects, we also have extensive knowledge and experience installing a huge variety of services and solutions.

To keep things nice and simple, we’ve created a list of everything else we have to offer. If it’s not on the list, please do get in touch, we will always consult freely with you on any and all work and if we can offer advice or support we will.

  • Range of ICT Services
  • Digital Signage Solution
  • Mobile ICT-Suite and mobile learning consultation
  • ICT Suite Benching
  • ICT Suite Design, Construction & Finishing
  • Re-patching Switches/Cabinets
  • Projector Maintenance
  • Wireless Laser Links
  • CCTV Systems

To get a tailored quote for your school or to book a free site survey please don’t hesitate to get in touch.