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Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education (formerly known as G Suite for Education) is a set of online software applications used by millions of teachers and pupils worldwide. The software can be used both online and offline, which offers an extra level of functionality compared to other cloud software.

Google Workspace for Education is available for free with Education Fundamentals and includes communication and collaboration tools that can enhance teaching and learning.  There are also upgrades available that provide premium tools, add-ons, security features and analytics with Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, or Education Plus.

Google Workspace for Education, as the name implies, was designed especially for education establishments.  A key feature of Google Workspace for many schools is the compatibility with almost all Internet enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Furthermore, the ability to use Google Workspace with Chromebooks provides a much cheaper alternative to hardware that is designed to run the Windows operating system.

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We have vast experience with the procurement, deployment, management and use of Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks, across different settings, ranging from Early Years to Further Education. Contact us for more information.


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