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SchoolEmail Issues

Wednesday 3rd September | No comments yet

We are aware of a number of customers having problems this morning accessing their emails via outlook and mobile devices. We have some suggestions and fixes depending on the nature of the problems you’re seeing.


If Outlook can’t connect at all. You can try opening your email account settings via Mail in the control panel, clicking more settings and going to the connection tab. Then clicking Exchange Proxy Settings and checking the box labeled “On fast networks connect using HTTP first then connect using TCP/IP”. You may also need to disable cached exchange mode, saving all the changes opening up outlook until it loads fully and connects you to exchange then closing outlook and re enabling cached exchange mode in email account settings.

If you’re being prompted for your username and password when opening Outlook we suggest you check that the username is in the form SE\*your username* and you use your regular password, if you know the main email for your account (known as the default SMTP address) you can also use that for your username. You may have to press ok a few times for it to be accepted.



If your iPhones/iPads are having trouble connecting you should check the settings in the mail account for your SchoolEmail account using the following:

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Select the account you use for SchoolEmail > Account > Change Domain to SE, tap Done, then Confirm, then tap Done again. Tap save. Assuming you have a wifi or mobile data signal your account should now receive mail, although you may receive a few prompts when opening the mail app from previous cached requests.


Outlook Web Access is unaffected and can be used by going to https://login.schoolemail.co.uk/


If you are still experiencing problems please call us on 0845 68 01274 and we’ll be happy to help.


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