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Safe Search upgrades

Sunday 14th November | No comments yet

We have made a number of upgrades to Safe Search over the past week and we will continue to make upgrades over the next 14 days.

Upgrade #1: Faster loading. Loading speeds reduced by up to 40%.
Upgrade #2: Mobile phone detection means your mobile experience is vastly improved.
Upgrade #3: No page reload when changing between Image and Game Search. This will speed up and simplify your search page experience.

Visit Safe Search to see the changes in action 🙂

Still to do:
Upgrade #4: New interface on Safe Search that allows for better browser scaling.
Upgrade #5: Get custom illustrations done for various global events.
Upgrade #6: Add Unicorns.

Interesting facts:
Safe Search provides 50,000 unique searches every day.
Safe Search’s most common search term is “Google” much to the dismay of our team.
Safe Search doesn’t show any adverts during UK term time.
You can get your own safe search by visiting SearchyPants

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