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Primarywall Pro accounts are now available!

Tuesday 10th May | No comments yet

Good news everyone! Our amazingly popular service PrimaryWall now has pro accounts available so you can extend functionality and provide a personalized experience! So what’s new?

Schools can now register their own subdomain for PrimaryWall for example http://stjohns.primarywall.com.

Change font

We have provided 16 beautiful fonts, when you change a font it instantly changes for everyone else too!

Password protect walls

By default pro accounts are only accessible by Wall owners, the owner can then set a password so pupils can access a specific wall.

Change background

Safe Search have provided us with 8 topical backgrounds that you can apply, there is an also a blank background so you can get more a focus on the notes. When you change the background it automatically updates on everyone else’s wall.

Easy wall embed

Easy embed of walls means you can keep your kids in your safe blog/learning platform environment while still using PrimaryWall. This works with an iframe embed code which is supported by all good platforms. Here are some instructions on how to embed PrimaryWall on PrimaryBlogger


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