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Primary School Safe Search is moving!

Monday 25th May | No comments yet

Due to unbelievalbly huge demand we are moving Primary School Safe Search to its own domain, this way we can move it from the Primaryt.co.uk website.

The new URL is http://primaryschoolict.com
We believe this URL is more appropriate and it allows us to treat the safe search as a seperate entity.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything if your home page is set to http://www.primaryt.co.uk/google  –  We will be putting a redirect on this page that will redirect to http://PrimarySchoolICT.com
We will be moving the hosting from a 10mb connection to our cluster of bandwidth which we use for School Email service and our other bandwidth intensive services.  This is neccesary as the new Safe Search interface is about 8x more bandwidth intensive.
We will keep an old version of the safe search online.
The move will take place in the last week of May and will be completed before the kids return back after 1/2 term.  
Hope you are all having a lovely holiday!!  Time to go trim my hedge..

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