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Primary School ICT advice – Swine Flu

Friday 26th June | No comments yet

We have noticed the alarming increase in cases of Swine Flu becoming contracted in school environments, and thought it would be best if we contacted you regarding this.

Obviously we can only advise you when it comes to sanitising your ICT equipment, and here are our recommendations.

Ensure that all users of any ICT related equipment clean their hands before using ANY equipment, i.e keyboards, mice, interactive whiteboard pens, projector remotes, laptops, USB memory pens. For this job we recommend the standard handwashing kit that schools used when dealing with Winter Vomiting outbreaks, normally consisting of a sanitising spray, and hand wipes. Ensure that the Equipment is also cleaned as frequently as possible
, preferably by an adult to ensure germs are not left to linger, to prevent infection in case the equipment is not thoroughly cleaned by the next user. For products such as laptops and mice we recommend a product similar to the one listed below.


This is a Durable PC Clean kit, consisting of multipurpose fluid, screen-clean fluid, lint free wipes, keyboard swabs and keyboard cleaners.

These kits are available from chains such as pc world, staples, currys and other electrical equipment providers, retails between £10 and £15 pounds and can be obtained easily off the shelf.

For interactive whiteboard screens then the correct whiteboard cleaning foam is recommended, and can be obtained from us at a cost of £8, which comes with complete instructions for how best to clean each board.

Obviously care should be taken to ensure that children follow the government recommended protocols for swine flu, which are available at


We hope this has been helpful, please feel free to contact your technician for further details.

Will your child be able to learn while the school is closed?

If schools are closed for an extended period, students should be provided with some teaching and learning materials. If schools operate an online learning environment they should use it to set, distribute, receive and mark homework.


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