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Primary Pad to reduce the amount of users on free pads

Monday 25th January | No comments yet

We can’t go on like this! We are being flooded by schools all over the world trying to use Primary Pad’s free service. What we really need is sales, if we have sales than we can buy new hardware and bandwidth to provide the service.

We are going to have to limit the max amount of connections to a given pad on both the basic and pro version of Primary Pad. The problem is, we don’t know how much by, we need your help!

The idea behind the pad limit is to encourage more schools to order the service to ensure its longevity, the incentive for the school is that they will then have unlimited connectivity to their pads.

So, too many connections to a pad and Primary Pad will grind to a halt. Too few connections and we remove easy and free access to learning.

Please vote so we can build Primary Pad how you want it to be built.

Primary Pad Maximum concurrent users should be(trends)

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