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Primary Pad Pro account registration

Wednesday 3rd February | No comments yet

Free account registration is currently closed due to over subscription. Primary Pad was starting to become unstable. We are awaiting more resources but then we have to pay for more resources so we can’t afford to keep giving it away for free. Sorry if that seems unfair to you but we are trying our best. I don’t know if we will be able to re-open free pro registration, I wish we could!
The Memory is now due on the 10/02/2010. We are at the mercy of a hosting partner that is providing hosting for free but that means we have to wait a while for any hardware changes.
This is new technology and very experimental, we don’t even know how well it will scale(yet) and until we do it’s best we are honest with our users and ask for your patience. We hope that by March we will know more about the pricing options we can offer for schools. In our ideal world, a Primary School package would be £300 and a Secondary, £800. How does this pricing model sound to you?
Lots of users (nearly 40%) registered but never created any pads, these accounts have been removed. We plan to leave the other existing pro accounts in place with no changes.
Public pads are still free, so have fun 🙂

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