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Primary Pad open email to all pro accounts

Thursday 28th January | No comments yet


Over the next few days we are going through pro accounts on Primary Pad removing any non educational users.

If you have a non educational account you would still like to keep then please visit the primary pad home page and click on the “Find out how we can help” link.

Any organization that works in education exclusively is classed as an educational organization, this includes Local Authorities.

Primary Pad can only sustain a certain amount of padders at once, the likely hood is we will need to limit the amount of maximum connections per pad even for currently existing pro accounts.

To ensure you can keep using Primary Pad please consider our paid subscriptions or a local authority wide distribution.

We are removing users to speed the service up for educational users. Any questions, please get in touch via twitter @primarypad or email, support@primarypad.com

Kind Regards

John McLear
MD Primary Technology

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