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Primary Pad and My School Closures update

Thursday 7th January | No comments yet

Hi everyone,

We feel its important to keep you as up to date as possible on our services so here goes…
Primary Pad has become extremely popular, extremely quickly, we are now providing more pads to education than anyone else in the world.
Firstly we want to extend our thanks to @xannov @ianaddison and Sarah C for their help in testing over the last few days.
We had a little downtime this morning, sorry about that. We asked our hosted services manager to snapshot all of the servers and we had forgotten to put a script on restart to restart the Java VM that hosts Primary Pad (Etherpad). We have now added the Primary Pad server to our network monitoring system so if anything bad happens we will receive an SMS / email, again, our apologies for this downtime.
We have been working flat out in the office this week, mostly because my school closures has been flooded with closure requests (due to the extreme weather conditions in the UK) and we have been working super hard trying to handle that.
Why did we prioritise this over Primary Pad? Well we had 10,000 requests per day on my school closures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – compare this to only a few thousand per day on Primary Pad. We decided it was more important to handle the closure issues (we had to sent over 50,000 emails each day). So again, our apologies and I hope you can understand why we made the decision we did at the it seemed like the right thing to do.
An update on stability: We have called in 1 senior java developer and 3 trainee developers to help us contribute back to the etherpad project and to develop Primary Pad further. These come at a price so please get your schools signing up for the premium service, at just £200 it’s an absolute bargain! We literally need the money to buy RAM for the free hosting service, without any customers before April we will have to start throttling the free service.
If you want more granular information about the work we are currently doing on Primary Pad then please visit this faq.
Thanks everyone for your kind support over the last few days.

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