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Primary Blogger now supports Revolvermaps

Wednesday 24th February | No comments yet


How to put it onto your blog:

  1. Log into your admin panel
  2. Click Appearance – Widgets
  3. Drag a new Text widget to your sidebar
  4. Open a new Tab in your internet browser
  5. Goto http://revolvermaps.com
  6. Click Get Standard version
  7. Set the size (Recommend 180×180
  8. Set the style and colors
  9. Copy all the contents of the box “Copy the code to your side” 
  10. Go back to your Primary Blogger dashboard Tab
  11. Click the down arrow next to Text (This may already be open, if it then skip this step)
  12. Paste the contents of your clipboard

Alternatively just drag the Feedjit or Map Stats widget over for an alternative appearance.

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