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OWA in Internet Explorer 11

Wednesday 13th November | No comments yet

It was reported to us yesterday that OWA wasn’t loading properly.  Elegantly put as ‘This looks awful, what have you changed?’ caused a little head scratching as no changes or major maintenance had been carried out.  After some testing we discovered that when logging on to OWA through IE 11 only the light version, a stripped down offering with slightly reduced functionality designed for ease of access, was available as oppose to the full blown premium version.

A little searching later it turns out this is a problem that was first seen with Windows 8.1 last month that came bundled with IE 11, only in the last couple of days has the latest version been offered through Windows Updates.  The problem occurs due to a change in the way the IE 11 identifies itself to web servers.  This article nicely explains what’s happening behind the scenes.

At the moment there isn’t fix that we can implement on our servers to resolve this issue.  There are only a couple of workarounds that are client based.

The first is to use a different browser.  The latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox work perfectly with OWA with the premium version available.

Alternatively there is workaround if IE 11 is the only browser you have available, these are the step you need to take:

We will continue to work towards a server side solution to this problem but until then you will have to use one of the workarounds.

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