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Ofsted & Statutory Requirements, Are You Prepared?

Monday 8th September | No comments yet

You won’t be surprised to hear we can help you meet your Ofsted & Statutory Requirements, in fact we would love to, we’ve been doing it for years!

New regulations for schools websites came into force on 1st September 2012 with OFSTED publishing further briefing notes for inspectors in September 2013. These briefing notes refer inspectors to various content on your website whilst planning their inspection.

It has been no secret that over the years OFSTED have taken a peak at websites prior to an inspection and with the start of the new school year, it seems there is no escaping the need to keep your site up to date regularly.

Whilst the guidance documentation for inspectors has been reduced recently, OFSTED have included some new content for September 2014. We’ve sifted through the paperwork and highlighted the following key areas to keep an eye out for.


School Inspection Handbook – OFSTED August 2014

Inspectors Planning & Preparation
4. Inspectors must use all available evidence to develop an initial picture of the school’s academic performance. Planning for the inspection must be informed by analysis of:
“information on the school’s website, including its statement on the use of the pupil premium, the statutory sharing with parents of curriculum information (so the lead inspector can start to assess the breadth and balance of the school’s curriculum and whether it is likely to promote preparation for, and an appreciation of life in modern Britain), the special educational needs (SEN) information report, and other information ( 2012 requirements ) for parents”

Quality of Leadership & Management
152. Inspectors should consider how well leadership and management ensure that the curriculum:
“information about what is taught in the curriculum each year is shared with parents and carers, including by meeting the statutory requirement to make curriculum information available on the school’s website”

Inspecting Safeguarding in Maintained Schools & Academies – OFSTED July 2014

Some Suggestions for Inspection Practice

53. “Inspectors should ensure that they are aware of information available to the public, reported in the press or accessible on the internet, including that available on the school’s website. This may contain information related to safeguarding. Inspectors should therefore do a check on the internet as part of their pre-inspection planning to see whether there are any safeguarding issues that may need to be followed up during inspection”

The Special Educational Needs & Disability Regulations – LEGISLATION.GOV September 2014

This is a new statutory requirement for September 2014
52. “The governing body or proprietor of the school must publish on the school’s website its report containing SEN information.”


We hope you will agree that your school website is an absolutely essential resource, not only to fulfil the ever increasing statutory requirements but also to promote your school and engage your parents with useful information.

We love to hear from schools so If you are still unsure about whether your website meets the requirements, or if you’re thinking it’s time to revamp your website, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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