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Obligatory “New Website” Post

Tuesday 23rd April | No comments yet

Well, it’s finally here, the new Primary Technology ® site. It’s taken a fair old time, but when you’ve got to get everybody’s feedback and requests it can take some time! Anyway, we hope you enjoy it.

We’ve designed it to be as informative and easy to read as possible, giving you an overview of us and our company. Our creations, staff and who love us are liberally spread out between the home page and their respective pages letting you know more about us and why we do what we do.

You can contact us on our new contact area at the top of the page, just click the contact card in the top left, you can also sign up for our new newsletter on the home page and pages with sidebars.

You may also notice that the site works on any device, be it your phone, tablet or desktop, it will just resize accordingly giving you the best experience possible.

Have a look around and if you get stuck, let us know and we’ll try make it easier for other people too.




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