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New login page for School Email

Thursday 20th December | No comments yet

We’ve been working on a new login page and we’re happy to say that it is now available for everyone to use.

New Improved Login Page

New Improved Login Page

Why has it changed?

The main reason for the change was security, the login forms on School Email or Primary Email were not hosted on a secure site unlike the new login page. As well as improved security it allows your school to have its own individual login page. By having an individual login page you no longer have to use the school’s prefix as part of your username. Instead of having to use dem.test.pupil you can get rid of the prefix and just use test.pupil to login, making things easier especially for younger pupils.

How do I get my own login page?

All you need to do is create a CNAME entry for mail.yourschooldomian.com to point to login.schoolemail.co.uk. Details on how to do this can be found here.

Once these changes have been made and everything is updated for your domain you then just have to browse to mail.yourschooldomain.com, which will take you to your individual login page meaning no more three letter prefix.

Since we have our own login page can it be made more personal?

As every school will have its own login page and these can be made more individual by getting a customised theme. This can incorporate your school’s colours and logo. Not only can you get a customised login page, we can also tailor the way School Email looks once you login. For information about custom themes and to see some of our previous creations click here.

Get your own custom theme

Get your own custom theme

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