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NEW FEATURE: Online Pictogram / Pictograph creator

Wednesday 28th September | 2 comments

A few days ago Matt Lovegrove mentioned he didn’t have any simple pictogram (aka pictogramme / pictograph) software for his network so we went about making him something up!

We decided to make a simple, free, online pictogram creator. This gives you the freedom to use the tool however you see fit!

Key Features:

2 responses to “NEW FEATURE: Online Pictogram / Pictograph creator”

  1. Jill Dujardin says:

    Can a student add their own symbols for the choices? And is there a way to make half of a symbol to fit the scale chosen by the student?

    • primaryt says:

      Hi there

      Unfortunately it isn’t possible for students to add their own symbols and the scale only increases in whole numbers.

      Thank you

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