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Local Backup

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Data is Important

Everyone knows that a schools data is critical. The work produced by teachers, TA’s, administration and leadership staff is of paramount importance. If a teacher is to delete many gigabytes of data accidently it can sometimes take a few hours to retrieve it from an off-site service. If it is required for a lesson or meeting that day, it can be a struggle to get it back in time. Whilst off-site backup provides a great method of last line resilience, an on-site backup can provide fast and easy access to restoration data. If the worst comes to the worst and total data loss occurs, a local backup means no waiting for a big download from a remote backup server to get your services back up and running. A full download of 250GB can take up to 2 days to retrieve.

What does this mean for a school?

It means that alongside remote backup, a local storage device can be utilised to hold the same data that is stored off-site. By incorporating the device with the Remote Backup service from Primary Technology® it means any loss of data can be rectified with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Hours rather than days. You can also backup less critical data just to the local device, adding a layer of projection but not increasing the cost of your Remote Backup subscription. The data stored on the device has the same encryption and security as off-site data – so it safeguards all your important documents and resources.

The Nitty Gritty

The device is a military grade shock and waterproof 1TB external drive. It uses the new USB 3.0 standard for fast and reliable data transfer. As it sits external to your server it can be removed and taken out of the building in the event of fire or flood, providing this is possible.

It costs £40 per year. If the drive breaks, it gets replaced at no cost within one working day. Primary Technology undertake full maintenance and configuration for the drive and include it in 24/7 health checks.

If you need any more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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