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Helping pupils stay safe online with e-safety

Monday 22nd September | No comments yet

Most parents observe that their children know more about technology than they do.  Due to the Internet and online technologies playing an important part in life for children, this is often the case.  Whilst this provides great opportunities for learning, communicating and creating using web technologies, care must be taken to ensure children stay safe online and follow e-safety guidelines.

Safe Websites For Pupils

Primary Technology is committed to helping to provide a safe and protected online experience for your school and your pupils. We provide a selection of free websites that allow EYFS and Key Stage 1 – 2 pupils to use the internet safely.

Primaryschoolict.com is a safe search engine powered by Google

Primarygamesarena.com provides online games appropriate for EYFS and Year 1 – 6

E-safety Audit

We recognize that a large amount of online safety is based around guidance that parents, carers and schools provide.  If you would like a free E-Safety audit, to help you become a beacon in promoting eSafety, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happen to come to your school and look at your current e-safety practices and guide you towards filling in the gaps to ensure that your pupils are well equipped for using online resources.

More Details

For more information, please see the E-Safety section of our website

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