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Primary Technology will help you stay safe

A serious issue regarding Data Protection within a school recently made it through the Court system, As a consequence of this schools have been advised to ensure that devices that go off-site and contain confidential information are encrypted. At the Primary Technology Office the Engineers have researched the implementation of this within the school environment and we have different options available for moving forward. The decision making process for the school will be fully supported by Primary Technology.


The Microsoft offering which is available on the Enterprise version of Windows 7 and all Windows 8 versions. Schools with EES are eligible to use any of the versions which support encryption. BitLocker allows full encryption of laptops and memory sticks. To boot a laptop a USB key is required. BitLocker encrypted memory sticks are also usable on Microsoft Surface devices.

This is a centrally managed system, so schools can also have a master key locked away in the safe – so devices can be booted without a specific individuals key. It also means you have a backup of recovery passwords (long!) just in case the USB ports on a device fails or all copies of the USB keys break – unlikely.

Many schools only use Windows Professional, So a new image build may be required to set this method up,


An Open Source and free offering which allows a device per device basis of encryption. A backup of the key can be made onto a CD and kept safe, but otherwise it requires a long password to unlock a laptop. This is a good option for smaller establishments or people without EES licencing.

Hardware Encrypted Pen Drives

These are very expensive and we have also seen failures, where data recovery is totally impossible. Although as they normally use a pin code on the physical device they are independent of the device into which they are plugged and can be used on any system.

Software Encrypted Pen Drives

Restricted to full Windows operating systems, these are a cheap way to get started keeping your data safe. Each devices requires a small program to be ran to unencrypt the storage on the memory stick.


We would never advise using memory sticks as permanent data storage. They are only a transport medium.

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