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Upload & Embed SWF objects into PrimaryBlogger

Thursday 14th October | No comments yet

How to embed an SWF object such as a a 2Simple 2DIY game into PrimaryBlogger.

  1. Login as your user account
  2. Click Plugins (Note: You only need to do this once per blog)
  3. Scroll to WP-SWFObject
  4. Click Activate
  5. Click Posts -> Add New
  6. Click Upload Media
  7. Browse to your SWF file
  8. Select it
  9. Click Upload
  10. Once upload is complete click File URL
  11. Copy the URL in the Link URL box into your clipboard (right click copy)
  12. Click the cross in the top right corner
  13. Click HTML (top right of pagE)
  14. Type [SWF]
  15. Paste the contents of your clipboard (right click paste) – This will paste the URL of your .swf file
  16. Then without changing the line type: ,600,400[/SWF] (Note the leading comma)

This an example of how it should look:

Once you have it looking like above just click publish and enjoy the fruits of your labour.  If you find the video is too big play around with the 640 & 480 values to get it so it is the right size for your blog

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