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EES – Simple and affordable Microsoft Licensing

Monday 15th September | No comments yet

EES (also known as OVS-ES) is a simple way to manage Microsoft licenses in school and covers all software used in schools, such as Microsoft Windows, Office, Servers and Exchange. This even includes client access licenses which many schools aren’t even aware they need.

Savings for schools with a large number of devices

Licenses are counted on a per-staff basis and not per-computer.  This usually provides vast savings for schools, especially those rolling out new hardware on a continual basis.The best part is that only staff members that use computers on a regular basis need to be included in the staff count so cooks, cleaners etc don’t count towards your FTE number for the purposes of licensing.

Access to latest software (or downgrade if you like!)

You are automatically licensed to run the latest version of the software meaning you are always up to date with Microsoft Windows, Office etc.  Alternatively, if you prefer older versions of Microsoft software, you’re equally allowed to downgrade.

School Staff working at home

EES includes licenses for teachers working from home on their own devices as long as they use them for work (which most teachers do anyway nowadays!)

Primary Technology – registered EES provider

Contact primary technology for a no-obligation quote on Microsoft EES Licensing

More information

Take a look at this quick video for the visual explanation http://youtu.be/JtZoo3HVE9E?t=1m6s


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