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E-Safety and Apprenticeship

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Safety is a big part of school life and when it comes down to having the world at your fingertips, it’s imperative we all work together. That’s why Primary Technology has assembled a handy, go to place to send you in the right direction for esafety. Our mission is not only to provide educators with the right information, but families too. We want to empower people to collaboratively educate our youngsters, so they understand how to stay safe online – no matter where they are.

Alongside specific school based resources we have direction for both pupils and adults at home.  But right now we are only at the beginning of our journey. We would love to hear from you if you know a great site or have an idea for something fantastic we can make. As it stands we have (with thanks to some great schools and other resources) Acceptable Use Polices available under Creative Commons Licensing, ideally we would like to also have ready-made in-depth forms for Digital Media Consent and Storing Data Electronically. We hope to have these soon.

In the meantime check out what we have and drop us your feedback if you have time: primaryt.co.uk/esafety


We currently have advertised a vacancy for a Curriculum ICT Support Apprentice. Primary Technology is committed to working with young people and giving them the best opportunities possible. The Apprenticeship will fit in with our wider program of training and hopefully will lead to a position as an ICT Support Engineer. Training to become a Technical Support Engineer will start once the Apprenticeship is complete.

To find out more about how Primary Technology provides low cost ICT Support and offers the opportunity for individuals to learn in a real environment with the support of schools, check out our Curriculum ICT Support page.

All information for the post can be found here, at the Universal Job Match Site.

Thanks for your time!

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