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During the Holidays and New Staff Member

Thursday 29th August | No comments yet

Summer 2013 has been glorious for the weather, but Primary T didn’t had chance to enjoy it, we have not stopped working hard! We have done 10 new server installs, 9 of which were admin servers. As part of this we have taken 5 schools into being single domains and we have had additional work at another school, purely to move to a single domain. It’s great to have 6 more schools working on just one domain for both admin and curric, it makes it a lot easier for managing and planning day to day school life. It’s also worth noting that despite ourselves undertaking SIMS server migrations in schools where we are not the SIMS support provider, the respective local LA teams were very helpful in providing required files for backups, monitoring and remote access – it was fantastic to have their co-operation. If you would like to know more about single domains then you can find more out, this article also goes deeper into the reasons some schools are moving to a single server: http://primaryt.co.uk/primary-schools-single-or-dual-server-environment/


The BLN migration has continued and we have been supporting Virgin Media in the roll out of their Layer 3 kit into our schools. Getting more schools off the old star network and onto the IPVPN.  If you are due to have this work undertaken in your school and it’s not occurred yet, then please contact ourselves and we can talk to the BLN about scheduling a date as soon as possible.


We have had 4 schools totally reimaged and 2 schools have had new physical network infrastructures due to massive changes in the fabric of their buildings. Our Installations team have been hard at work fitting: LCD touchscreens, door access systems, public announcement facilities, fibre cables, wireless networks, full ICT suites and interactive teaching walls! Wow, what a repertoire!


This week we have be really privileged to have Emma Rothery start with us as a Web Designer. She has come to us with a background of 4 years in freelance design. Her responsibilities will include supporting Primary Blogger, design and development of new sites, support of existing customers websites and keeping a close eye on Primary T’s web servers. If you get to speak to her please say ‘Hi’, she is really lovely!

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