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Disqus and PrimaryBlogger Commenting

Thursday 9th May | No comments yet

We’ve just discovered that the Disqus Comment System Add-on had secretly started showing adverts on blogs that had it enabled. We’re obviously massively against this so we’ve now deleted the Add-on. If you were using it on your blog then you will notice that your comment system has gone back to how it used to look.

We’ve created a number of options in replacement of Disqus. Most people were using it to get around the restriction of requiring an email address for writing comments. We initially took the decision of making email addresses compulsory, due to the amount of spam we were receiving with this option unticked. We now have a lot better spam protection in place, so we decided to make a plugin to re-enable the option, to confirm that users knew what they were doing when allowing comments without the requirement for an email address.

If you wish to allow comments without a name or email address being filled in, go to the Dashboard and click Add-ons in the left hand menu. Scroll down to “Comment Without Email Address” and click Activate below it. Now go to Settings > Discussion and you’ll see an option to untick in red with the label of “” next to it. Untick this option and the one below, saying “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” and press “Save Changes” at the bottom.

We also have the Livefyre Add-on available in the Add-ons section, it will however ask you to login via different services to be able to comment, you can’t comment just using your PrimaryBlogger username. It will let you log in using Twitter, Facebook and Google among others.

As usual, let us know if you have any problems at http://support.primaryt.co.uk

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