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Creating individual pupil blogs on Primary Blogger

Saturday 20th February | No comments yet

We assume you have already created a class or school blog.  If not, go and sign up now, it’s free and easy.

Creating individual pupil blogs on Primary Blogger:
1. Login to your Primary Blogger Account at yourblog.primaryblogger.co.uk/wp-admin
2. In your address bar type in the address of the new pupil blog
3. Type in your pupils blog title
4. Decide if you want this blog to be searchable by search engines such as Google & Bing.
5. Click Create Blog
6. Click the blog address which will read something like http://mrpurple5.primaryblogger.co.uk
7. Click Site Admin
8. Click Settings -> Discussion
9. Click Users -> Add New
10. Type in a chosen username
11. Type in the pupils email OR your email address in the format of youremail+%pupilsusername%@googlemail.com
Example:  If your email address was mrsJRobertson@greatschool.mgfo.org.uk and you type mrbloggy in the Username box then the email address you will type in is mrsJRobertson+MrBloggy@greatschool.mgfo.org.uk
Note: This works with the following email providers: School Email, Primary Email, Gmail
12. Under Role select Administrator
13. Click Add User
14. Check your email inbox for an activation email
15. Click on the activation link in the email, write down the blog address, username and password and give it to the pupil.
Note: You may want to simplify their desktop and restrict comments, see below:

Highly Recommended
Restricting comments to pupils and teachers only.
Click Users must be registered and logged in to comment if you only want other teachers and pupils to comment on this Blog

Sending pupils an email when a new comment is posted on their blog.
If you want pupils to recieve emails for comment moderation then:
1. Click Plugins -> Installed
2. Under Notifications to all Administrators Click Activate

Simplifying the pupils dashboard/interface. (see picture at top)
1. Login as the pupil
2. Click Screen options
3. Remove any items you don’t want
4. Click 1 Column
5. Click Screen Options

Simplify the interface even more:
This process is difficult and lengthy, we will document it soon!

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