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Classdroid Pro 2.1

Saturday 20th July | No comments yet

Following on from the successful launch of Classdroid Pro 2.0 we are proud to release 2.1 to one and all.

Along with fixes of a few nasty little germlins that were hidden away in the code we have expanded our grading system with two new features! Firstly the UK Early Year Foundation Stage grading scheme now include Early Years Goals which can be selected along side the existing grades from this scheme.

Last but not least we have released a US grading scheme for our friends across the pond! This US grading scheme allows the use of the popular letter grades (A+ to F) along with a points grade where teachers are able to assign so many points for the work out of a potential number allowing all who see the work/evidence to know just how well the pupil is progressing.

That is it for this update I am afraid, however please do get in touch with us if you have any suggestions, requests or are just interested in trialing Classdroid Pro. You can contact us by email classdroid@primaryt.co.uk or on twitter @classdroid

One final thing before we leave you, there have been some of you wondering just when exactly the iOS version of Classdroid Pro will be released, well we can finally tell you that development is underway and we are hopeful that it will reach the Apple App Store in time for the new school year, so watch this space.

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