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WEEE recycling for schools

The WEEE directive; or to give it the full, snappy title, the “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive”  sets the guidelines for collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types on electrical goods.

WEEE is an EC directive and states that we must provide a way for our clients to dispose of their old electrical equipment.  Essentially, this means we provide a free take-back service for your waste electronic equipment.

At Primary Technology, we handle all the paperwork including collection dates, distributor collection, number of items to be recycled and complete data destruction.  This ensures you can focus on teaching and learning, without worrying about arranging the disposal.

You can contact us today if you have old equipment; part of our WEEE scheme enables a lot of equipment to be recycled to charities, allowing peace of mind that your old equipment isn’t just being taken to a big waste dump!

Some of our customers may have noticed up to a few hours of downtime this evening whilst we performed some emergency maintenance on our SchoolEmail environment. Unfortunately due to the urgent nature of the work we weren’t able to notify customers beforehand but thankfully our engineers limited downtime to a minimum and everything is now back up and running. If anyone is experiencing any issues please contact us on 0845 68 01274.

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone!

We are exhibiting again at the fantastic E2BN Conference, this year with a focus on ‘Technology for a New Curriculum’. Our stand is better than ever and we have a team people at the event offering demos and taking questions from the teachers, headteachers and governors in attendance. Our most popular services so far are School Email and School Backups.

For anyone that’s going to the conference, we’re at stand 25 (right next to lunch/coffee), and we have sweets!  So come and visit us for a chat or just to get some freebies.

Here is Chris, Josh and Mark looking ready as ever, or at least as ready as they can look at 7:30 in the morning!

You may notice some downtime this evening (or perhaps even this afternoon) due to emergency maintenance on many of our services that rely on SSL. We use SSL technology to ensure that all your data is encrypted whilst in transit and to keep it safe from attacks across the majority of our services.

On the 7th of April a serious vulnerability was found and disclosed in the popular OpenSSL library which we, and 17% of the internet, use on our servers. As the vulnerability could lead to disclosure of privileged information we reacted immediately to patch the problem and keep our customers data secure. As part of the patching process we need to renew the SSL certificates used in various parts of our infrastructure which will lead to down time for our users. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’ll try keep the downtime to a minimum but this is one of those time where we simply can’t wait and our customer security must come first.

If anyone has any questions about the Heartbleed Bug you can find more information here: http://heartbleed.com/, or if you’d like to contact us about the matter you can use our contact form here: http://primaryt.co.uk/contact-us/

This year the BETT show seemed to be stacked full of new producers of interactive LCD screens, with some new models also available from manufacturers you will be more familiar with, such as Smart, Sahara and Promethean, however there was a lot of other interest if you looked hard enough. A short review of some of the things I came across are below. Please bear in mind this is the first time we have come across some of these suppliers and haven’t trialled all products and services yet.


Chargebus – this company supply a universal 5V USB compatible device at the same rate as factory supplied mains chargers. They also offer products which will both sync and charge apple devices (including iOS7). These devices will enable schools to retro fit some existing secure cabinets, offering a much cheaper way of moving towards tablet based learning. Please contact nick@primaryt.co.uk for more details, or ask your engineer to source a quote on your behalf.

Lego education – lego have been in the education sector for a long time, with products such as mindstorm and “WeDo” program with a simple drag,drop and rotate programming interface for students. This year we saw the StoryStarter set, which is nice, simple, easy to use story building software, for use both on windows based devices, and tablet iOS version. The starter set seems to offer schools a great introduction to this from under £200 with many optional add-ons, including training.

Gazoob – Gazoob have many e-books available on all platforms, iOS, Windows Store (should be ok for RT as it is in the store, but not checked yet) and the Google Play store. The books available are suitable for many age ranges, and include the ever popular Biff and Chip series. A link to more information can be found here: http://www.gazoob.com/gazoob-products.html

Makerbot – Makerbot have a great range of desktop, affordable, sleek 3D replicators. They also have a new 3D scanner, enabling replication of many different size/shaped objects in a classroom environment. These devices seemed very easy to use, and let you create a wide range of fun shapes and objects with very little learning involved to get used to the software. They are encased but have a fish tank feel to them, with students able to watch the objects being created in front of their eyes! More details can be found here: http://www.makerbot.com/

ComicLife – this has been around for a number of years now, but this year a new version is offered, and is available on iOs mobile devices. Volume purchasing is also available for a larger number of iPads too. There is a free trial available of this storyboarding software, contact plasq@plasq.com for more details.

Aircatch – This software and application offers a way of saving documents and photos from apple mobile devices to the windows server inside your school, without the need for using services such as dropbox etc. This is priced per students in school rather than per devices, and more information can be found here: http://www.aircatch.co.uk/

Replay Education – This Company offers events for students, using technology from the 80’s to illustrate basic coding and integrates with the 2014 computing curriculum. They are based in Brighouse, and can be contact at schools@replayevents.com I had great fun playing with an old BBC computer they had setup at their stand!

ClassFlow – This is a new collaborative lesson tool, offered free by Promethean, which was demonstrated at their stand by Ron Clark. This is still in BETA mode, but looks very promising for the future, especially if it remains free!

Surface Tab 2 – These were on the Microsoft stand, and looked very promising for schools, although a tad expensive! For more details on these contact nick@primaryt.co.uk

Stone Tab1 – These new windows 8 tablets looked promising, offering a full fat version of windows 8, with the ability to boot from a network adaptor. This may not seem that important to pupils, but will make centralised management of these devices inside your school network, with children able to use conventional software and logon with the same username as in the ICT suite.


There were many other vendors and products there, but to get the best out of the BETT show you really have to come along yourself! Keep your eyes peeled for next year’s trip, and ask your engineer for more details on the above products and the BETT 2015 exhibition!

Hello everybody,


Are you looking to join a dynamic and growing team? I really hope so! Primary Technology are looking to employ a new Trainee with the installs team. If we find the right people we may even take on 2. So have a look at the job specification here and pop us your CV if you think you would like to come on board.


Safety is a big part of school life and when it comes down to having the world at your fingertips, it’s imperative we all work together. That’s why Primary Technology has assembled a handy, go to place to send you in the right direction for esafety. Our mission is not only to provide educators with the right information, but families too. We want to empower people to collaboratively educate our youngsters, so they understand how to stay safe online – no matter where they are.

Alongside specific school based resources we have direction for both pupils and adults at home.  But right now we are only at the beginning of our journey. We would love to hear from you if you know a great site or have an idea for something fantastic we can make. As it stands we have (with thanks to some great schools and other resources) Acceptable Use Polices available under Creative Commons Licensing, ideally we would like to also have ready-made in-depth forms for Digital Media Consent and Storing Data Electronically. We hope to have these soon.

In the meantime check out what we have and drop us your feedback if you have time: primaryt.co.uk/esafety


We currently have advertised a vacancy for a Curriculum ICT Support Apprentice. Primary Technology is committed to working with young people and giving them the best opportunities possible. The Apprenticeship will fit in with our wider program of training and hopefully will lead to a position as an ICT Support Engineer. Training to become a Technical Support Engineer will start once the Apprenticeship is complete.

To find out more about how Primary Technology provides low cost ICT Support and offers the opportunity for individuals to learn in a real environment with the support of schools, check out our Curriculum ICT Support page.

All information for the post can be found here, at the Universal Job Match Site.

Thanks for your time!

At long last we have released our new and updated version of Classdroid and introduce to the world Classdroid Pro!

For those unfamiliar with Classdroid it is an Android app designed to work with PrimaryBlogger (or any WordPress blog) to allow teachers to instantly photograph pupil’s work, grade it and up it directly to the blog.

The most noticeable update to Classdroid is that it has been given a face lift and an improved lay out which now includes video tutorials and the ability to send feedback about your experience directly to us (both positive and negative, we aim to please and appreciate any feedback).

Along with these cosmetic improvements many bug fixes have been implemented such as issues with resizing of images and posts failing to upload.

Classdroid Pro extends the functionality of the free version of Classdroid and enables advanced features such as:

– Ability to Group Pupils
– Attribute Work To More Than 3 Pupils (No Limit)
– Mutliple Grading Schemes (0-5 Stars, UK KS 1-3 Levels, UK EYFS)
– Record Video and/or Audio
– Upload Media Recorded On The Device Outside Of Classdroid Pro
– Use Proxy Settings

Classdroid Pro is now available on Google Play for an introductory promotional price of £1.49

Please note that although Classdroid is designed to work with WordPress based blogs/sites only PrimaryBlogger blogs are fully supported.

Get them now on Google Play:



Classdroid Pro


You can chat with us on Twitter @Classdroid

Today we are pleased to announce a massive update to PrimaryWall available to subscribing customers.

So what’s new?

Gorgeous Backgrounds

Easy Printing

Read only walls

Note Colours

Improved connectivity support

Less disconnects and more support for schools, LA’s and districts struggling with internet connectivity.

Note Export

Drag Notes into a Bin

Have a play with your own sticky notes today at PrimaryWall.com

PrimaryWall is undergoing scheduled maintenance at 10pm on the 11th of September for up to 2 hours. During this time there will be no availability of the service. For updates please see the Primary Technology blog and Twitter.


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