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SchoolEmail Issues

We are aware of a number of customers having problems this morning accessing their emails via outlook and mobile devices. We have some suggestions and fixes depending on the nature of the problems you’re seeing.


If Outlook can’t connect at all. You can try opening your email account settings via Mail in the control panel, clicking more settings and going to the connection tab. Then clicking Exchange Proxy Settings and checking the box labeled “On fast networks connect using HTTP first then connect using TCP/IP”. You may also need to disable cached exchange mode, saving all the changes opening up outlook until it loads fully and connects you to exchange then closing outlook and re enabling cached exchange mode in email account settings.

If you’re being prompted for your username and password when opening Outlook we suggest you check that the username is in the form SE\*your username* and you use your regular password, if you know the main email for your account (known as the default SMTP address) you can also use that for your username. You may have to press ok a few times for it to be accepted.



If your iPhones/iPads are having trouble connecting you should check the settings in the mail account for your SchoolEmail account using the following:

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Select the account you use for SchoolEmail > Account > Change Domain to SE, tap Done, then Confirm, then tap Done again. Tap save. Assuming you have a wifi or mobile data signal your account should now receive mail, although you may receive a few prompts when opening the mail app from previous cached requests.


Outlook Web Access is unaffected and can be used by going to https://login.schoolemail.co.uk/


If you are still experiencing problems please call us on 0845 68 01274 and we’ll be happy to help.


We have had to take the SchoolEmail service down for some customers whilst we complete emergency updates.

If you are unable to access your email we are aware of  the issues and are working on it. If you are expecting any emails don’t panic we are still receiving email and will deliver them into your inbox when the service comes back online.

We apologise for any issues this may cause, this downtime was completely unexpected and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

After much time tinkering, testing and tinkering some more, we are pleased to announce that all PrimaryEmail and SchoolEmail customers are to be upgraded to Exchange 2013.

Here’s a short list of some of the new stuff, coming for you in Exchange 2013

When is this happening and what should I expect?


The upgrade process will be completed by the 1st of September.  If you experience any problems accessing your account, make sure you try logging on from the logon page https://login.schoolemail.co.uk.


SchoolEmail Wizards out.

It was reported to us yesterday that OWA wasn’t loading properly.  Elegantly put as ‘This looks awful, what have you changed?’ caused a little head scratching as no changes or major maintenance had been carried out.  After some testing we discovered that when logging on to OWA through IE 11 only the light version, a stripped down offering with slightly reduced functionality designed for ease of access, was available as oppose to the full blown premium version.

A little searching later it turns out this is a problem that was first seen with Windows 8.1 last month that came bundled with IE 11, only in the last couple of days has the latest version been offered through Windows Updates.  The problem occurs due to a change in the way the IE 11 identifies itself to web servers.  This article nicely explains what’s happening behind the scenes.

At the moment there isn’t fix that we can implement on our servers to resolve this issue.  There are only a couple of workarounds that are client based.

The first is to use a different browser.  The latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox work perfectly with OWA with the premium version available.

Alternatively there is workaround if IE 11 is the only browser you have available, these are the step you need to take:

We will continue to work towards a server side solution to this problem but until then you will have to use one of the workarounds.

Nobody really likes spam.  Although a few of the Primary T monkeys can be impartial to a Spam and egg sandwich but that’s a different problem altogether.  I am of course talking about those annoying emails that people don’t want usually trying to sell you something or extract personal details under false pretences.


It has been a hard time for our spam filters recently, they have been getting sent more and more spam and viruses by very clever hackers.  A lot of the messages recently were very short and had very little text which looked harmless enough on the surface but each had a zip file attached.  In the zip file was a small executable which if run could cause you any number of problems.  To combat this we sent out our system admins to upgrade and fortify our spam servers further.


After making some changes and a few refinements they have added additional virus checks, adjusted our existing spam checks to be more aggressive towards known spammers, and now reference more known virus databases.  All in all this should now stop 90% more SPAM and virus emails.


So if you’re fed up of receiving loads of spam and want to know how we can help or are looking for more information about School Email, our hosted email service, get in touch with us here.

We’ve been working on a new login page and we’re happy to say that it is now available for everyone to use.

New Improved Login Page

New Improved Login Page

Why has it changed?

The main reason for the change was security, the login forms on School Email or Primary Email were not hosted on a secure site unlike the new login page. As well as improved security it allows your school to have its own individual login page. By having an individual login page you no longer have to use the school’s prefix as part of your username. Instead of having to use dem.test.pupil you can get rid of the prefix and just use test.pupil to login, making things easier especially for younger pupils.

How do I get my own login page?

All you need to do is create a CNAME entry for mail.yourschooldomian.com to point to login.schoolemail.co.uk. Details on how to do this can be found here.

Once these changes have been made and everything is updated for your domain you then just have to browse to mail.yourschooldomain.com, which will take you to your individual login page meaning no more three letter prefix.

Since we have our own login page can it be made more personal?

As every school will have its own login page and these can be made more individual by getting a customised theme. This can incorporate your school’s colours and logo. Not only can you get a customised login page, we can also tailor the way School Email looks once you login. For information about custom themes and to see some of our previous creations click here.

Get your own custom theme

Get your own custom theme

Primary Email and School Email will be down on the 2nd February 2012 for scheduled maintenance between the hours of 17.30pm and 20.00pm.

We are moving some of our servers physical locations. This requires the services to be shut down during the move, the service will be back online at the latest of 8PM.

Here are some questions you may have:

Q. What will happen to my emails during the downtime?

A. During the downtime the School Email connectivity will be disrupted. Any emails sent to users during the downtime will be held by the SPAM filters until the service returns then all emails will be delivered to your mailbox.

Q. Will this lose any data?

A. No. The service will return with everything work as before.

If you have any concerns about the maintenance then please contact support@schoolemail.co.uk

We’re aware a few schools are having problems with inbound email on our School Email service. We have isolated the fault and we’re working to fix it. We aim to have it resolved by 3pm (15:00) UK time.

UPDATE: This is now resolved! Apologies to anyone affected!

We received a small volume of complaints today from users experiencing a “white screen” when attempting to access Web Mail.

This problem was due to users trying to access web mail using saves links or short cuts from other websites, to avoid this problem please navigate to http://www.primaryemail.co.uk directly. If you do create short cuts to School Email / Primary Email we advise that you manually add the URL and point it to http://www.primaryemail.co.uk

We are currently performing some scheduled maintenance on the Primary Email and School Email service. Normal service should be resumed within an hour.


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