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Apprenticeships at Primary Technology – our Junior ICT Support Technicians

Primary Technology Junior ICT Support Technicians

Three years ago, we took on our first apprentice at Primary Technology in the role of Junior ICT Support technician.  At the time we were a little apprehensive getting on board with apprenticeships, but three years later and our excellent customer feedback keeps the program at the forefront of our school ICT support services.  We now have an expanding team of apprentices working alongside our experienced ICT support technicians.

Our junior ICT technicians work in schools that want to expand on-site ICT support without breaking the bank. The apprentices usually work on a frequent timetabled basis covering support for whiteboards, projectors, printers and many other basic tasks that help to keep a school’s ICT ticking over smoothly.   This allows schools to grow their ICT while maintaining a low running cost. You can see all our current staff members on our website staff page here.

Why we recommend a Junior ICT Support technician

Our junior ICT support provides a benefit to schools and the apprentices: schools know they have a reliable ICT staff member to fire-fight daily tasks and it contributes to the future of our apprentices, as they can escalate any persistent or urgent issues to a senior ICT technician and continue to learn whilst solving ICT issues in school.

At Primary Technology we always work to improve our staff and services. Our apprentices are working to become fully fledged engineers and are often studying for academic qualifications whilst working in schools. We like to invest in the future and our costs are low, with offer support from 3 to 30 hours per week.

Please contact us for more information about our Junior ICT Support services.

Are you brilliant with HTML, CSS and Javascript; do you have experience with WordPress, Photoshop, UI and UX design? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We have an opening in our Hosted Services department for a web designer to maintain our online branding, create websites and help design and create the future web applications from Primary Technology.

We look after our team at PrimaryT, everybody gets a laptop, phone, development server, paid mileage and expenses, flexible working hours and the best bit, you get to work from home!

Contact us on our careers page if you’re interested. Send us your CV and a link to your portfolio if you have one online.

This year we attended the bMoble conference, and were lucky enough to witness some very interesting Keynote Speeches, The first, by Mark Reynolds showed delegates the benefits of a gradual move into the cloud, using Microsoft Office 365, which provides individual online storage for pupils and staff, as well as collaborative online storage space. With the exciting announcement of the discounted Surface tablet offer, this looks to be a great way of providing secure online storage for schools. As a company Primary Technology can help you set this up and start to get the ball rolling for using more and more web 2.0 apps.

The second keynote was about rolling out iPads for individual pupils, and although not directly relevant for most primary schools, a lot of the ideas of the could be replicated towards class sets of any mobile devices, showing schools how to get the best out of devices, and avoid having them stored in cupboards or charging trolleys for the majority of the day! Collaborative learning could be achieved with use of both of these ideas together, with students creating their own animations and videos relating to the topics that they are currently working on, either as a whole class, or in smaller breakout groups supervised by a teaching assistant.

One key point that was re-iterated by all of the speakers was the need for a good reliable internet connection, and a solid network backbone to facilitate the mobile learning, and avoid the frustration of devices not working, or taking too long to load up, resulting in pupil disinterest. It was also interesting to attend the breakout session focusing on making sure that your technical team are working alongside the whole school to implement the new visions and ideas that your school may have. This may be a good opportunity to remind you that Primary Technology will come into your school to help you do a 3 year strategic plan for you, providing you with an estimation on costs for the next 3 years, but also if you have a whole school focus that you will be using technology for, please feel free to contact us, and we will come in and chat with you to make sure that all bases are covered, and help avoid any hidden costs that might sneak up on you!

It was great to see so many friendly faces there, and if you have come back from the conference bursting
with ideas please speak to your engineer to see how best we can help you implicate them across your school.

Primary Technology have been given a heads-up on an exclusive deal with Microsoft. They are offering the Surface RT Tablet, with keyboard, for the shockingly low price of £200. This deal isn’t going public until Monday and is for a LIMITED TIME and is limited to stock, so it really is first-come-first-served. We are not reselling these but instead have the forms that you will need to fill out to order from Microsoft directly, which we will release to interested parties on Monday.

Specs and features

If you are interested in this offer then please let either Nick or one of the Primary Technology Technicians know and we will be happy to send you the forms.

Well, it’s finally here, the new Primary Technology ® site. It’s taken a fair old time, but when you’ve got to get everybody’s feedback and requests it can take some time! Anyway, we hope you enjoy it.

We’ve designed it to be as informative and easy to read as possible, giving you an overview of us and our company. Our creations, staff and who love us are liberally spread out between the home page and their respective pages letting you know more about us and why we do what we do.

You can contact us on our new contact area at the top of the page, just click the contact card in the top left, you can also sign up for our new newsletter on the home page and pages with sidebars.

You may also notice that the site works on any device, be it your phone, tablet or desktop, it will just resize accordingly giving you the best experience possible.

Have a look around and if you get stuck, let us know and we’ll try make it easier for other people too.




We were recently made aware of a problem where some Sky Broadband users couldn’t access any of our hosted web services such as PrimaryBlogger, PrimaryPad and PrimaryWall. This was due to an incompatible file on our servers which has now been updated, which should have fixed the issue.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the users that reported the issue and remind you all that we take any problem seriously and act on them as quickly as we can.

If you discover anything that you think is wrong with any of our services or you’re still having issues accessing any of our services, please report it to us via our support website at http://support.primaryt.co.uk and we’ll do our best to help rectify the situation for you.



We have upgraded the Primary School Google Search:

It’s now easier for pupils to find learning materials.

It’s now easier for teachers to find teaching resources.

It’s now safer than ever to use as undesirable adds are filtered.

Of course its still free and always up and accessable from home aswell as school.

We plan to upgrade the Resource section over the Easter holiday. We are looking for people to help in this process, to help out please email hello@primaryt.co.uk, or comment on this blog with some suggested websites that are useful for teachers/pupils or administrators.

To get to the Primary School Google Search just browse to http://www.primaryt.co.uk/google

If you get have problems using the search facility please get in touch via email or post a comment to this blog.

Primary School Google Search is a service provided by Primary Technology.
Primary School Google Search is powered by Google Custom Search


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