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Captain Broadband game

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Play Captain Broadband learning game

Suitable for ages: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12..
More Kids Games

Description: Children learn to recognize patterns in this fun interactive game. Look at the pattern the train is riding on and complete the it by dragging the appropriate color block to complete the pattern. How far can you go?

Play the Moon Rocks Patterns game

Suitable for ages: 9..

Description: Answer the set amount of questions in the time allowed by clicking on the correct numbers to complete the number sentence

Play urikares

Suitable for ages: 10..

Description: Cup Stack Typing is a fun game for children to practice typing quickly. Stack and unstack the cups by typing the keyboard characters on them. You can type the characters only when they are black. Have fun typing!

Play The Cup Stack Typing !

Suitable for ages: 9,10..

Description: Your Numbers up

Play show

Suitable for ages: 6,7,8,10..

Description: good bye phrases in french and english

Play here

Suitable for ages: 10..

Description: listen to the french colour and match it to the english word

Play here

Suitable for ages: 10..

Primary Games Arena is now live and ready for all budding gamers to get blowing up bombers in the name of maths and saving the wizard in a quest for new email skills.

The Primary Games available are suitable for all Primary School years including foundation. Games are available for all curriculum subjects and can be displayed by game type, subject or age of the pupil.

There is no fee for the service because we’re super nice at Primary Technology 🙂


  • Primary Technology and Sahara Presentations have been working together for over seven years and the relationship has moved from strength to strength based on mutual trust and respect. It is clear to us that the knowledge and professionalism of the Primary team has kept them... read more


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  • We are very impressed with all aspects of the services received from PT. Their extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and speed in providing and acting upon questions we’ve asked and issues that have arisen have been fantastic. Its nice to know we can get such quality personalised... read more

    Savile Park Primary School

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  • We changed our technical support provider to Primary Technology and have not looked back! The passion and commitment to ICT is great. They help increase staff confidence in ICT, which helps to keep our ICT suite fully booked!

    Woodside Academy

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  • We'd like to say a big thank you to the Primary Technology guys who have been in school during our OFSTED. Primary Technology's level of service and knowledge to date, not to mention their enthusiasm for the job, has left us all kicking ourselves that... read more

    Worth Valley

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  • Primary Technology provides a complete primary school IT support package. They combine extensive up-to-date knowledge about cutting edge IT hardware with an awareness of what could be used to enhance pupil learning.

    Newby Primary School

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  • Since we subscribed to Primary Technology's technical support we have received fantastic help and consultation on a weekly basis, with improvements that allow us to move ICT forward and plan for the future. The services are quality, good value and highly recommended!

    Low Moor C.E. Primary School

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  • Primary Technology have been a fantastic partner supporting our school's ICT needs. They have been reliable whenever they have worked in the school and they strive to give us good value. When we ask for advice and support they always go the extra mile. I... read more

    Heaton Primary School

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  • Once again, the service on the ground and remotely has been fantastic. I really enjoyed working to develop the website and the training delivered to staff was very well received. Our IT technicians have been fantastic in school this year again and I have really... read more

    Menston Primary School

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  • Our IT technician has been incredible and is taking the school from strength to strength with regards to our ICT provision. His insight and knowledge is incredible, we feel privileged to have him working with us. You have such am amazing and talented team of... read more

    Robin Hood Primary School

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  • We originally purchased two interactive screens under the guidance and recommendation of Primary Technology. Within 18 months, we have replaced all our screens within school as the technology is far superior in terms of quality, clarity and usability - They provide an excellent teaching and... read more

    Heaton St Barnabas’ C of E (VA) Primary School

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